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Wood or Metal Framing

Metal Framing

Do you need someone to do metal framing? Check out New Divide Construction Company today! First of all, a simple explanation of metal framing. It is the framework that is needed for the walls that divide a structure, or it may define a dropped ceiling. Even though the framework does not show after a building is completed, it is an integral part of your structure. Don’t trust this part of the construction process to anyone less than the best. You can depend on our experienced group of professionals for the best job possible. We work in Waynesboro, Charlottesville, Staunton, and Harrisonburg, Virginia and surrounding areas.

Metal Framing Contractor

There are many benefits to using our metal framing contractor service. We value our clients, and respect your choice to use New Divide Construction Company. We offer efficient planning ideas for your structure, whether it is a new building or one already existing. We are a competent company, ready to serve you in whatever way we can. We will give you quality workmanship, and support you throughout the framing process. Contact us today!

Metal Framing Service

We offer specialized service to you, our valued customer. You can count on our cost effective and competent workmanship. We cater to customers in the Shenandoah Valley and will be glad to sit down with you and discuss your metal framing needs. We have a wide variety of experience and will put it to work for you. Call us for an estimate.

Metal Bracing for Frame Structures

A definition of a brace is a metal element that is used to support a part of the wooden structure. They help hold the skeleton of the building together and give it extra support in times of high wind or pressure. We want to make sure your building is structurally sound. Our company does high quality framing in the Charlottesville, Harrisonburg, Waynesboro, and Staunton, Virginia area. Give us a call with your bracing needs today!

Wood Framing

Wood is one of the commonly used materials for framing. Framing is the fitting together of lengths of wood to form the support and structure of a building. We will work with you from the initial planning, through the day-to-day work, then on to a successful completion. We offer you our expertise to do the best job of wood framing possible. Explore our design options and find the one most appropriate for you.

Wood Framing Contractors

A frame is the main structure of your home. Trust this important step to New Divide Construction Company. We keep abreast of current codes and standards so you have less worry and more time to enjoy life. We can take your vision and turn it into the real thing with very little stress on your part. Bring us your concept and let our team of experts carry the project through to completion. Contact New Divide Construction Company today!

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